Sean O’Malley claims he would KO Cody Garbrandt, but believes there’s “no way” the former champ accepts the fight

By Cole Shelton - June 8, 2020

Sean O’Malley is confident he would knockout Cody Garbrandt if they squared off in the Octagon.

Sean O'Malley, UFC 252

O’Malley and Garbrandt are both coming off stellar knockout wins at UFC 250. ‘Sugar’ tweeted “decent” following Garbrandt’s win, insinuating that he was not all that impressed by the KO.

Following last weekend’s pay-per-view event, many fans and analysts expressed interest in seeing a scrap between Garbrandt and O’Malley. While ‘Sugar’ is definitely interested in the bout, he doubts that ‘No Love’ would take the fight.

“There’s no way he takes that fight. There’s no way he takes that fight, it’s a lose-lose. One, he’s probably going to get knocked out and two he’s fighting someone who has a lot of hype,” O’Malley said to ESPN. “But, if he beats me people will say, ‘oh you [should have],’ so it’s a lose-lose for him I feel like. I’m sure they’d avoid that fight.”

If the fight is offered, however, Sean O’Malley would be quick to sign on the dotted line.

“Yeah, absolutely, 100 percent. I feel like I’d knock Cody out. I mean, he looked more improved on Saturday. He looked like he was more calculated, more calm, he looked very much improved since getting knocked out three times,” Sean O’Malley explained. “So, he did improve, he is high-level. He’s a very, very dangerous opponent and anyone that just throws bombs like that is dangerous. I feel like I’m calculated enough, accurate enough, and skilled enough to be able to knock him out. It’s a win-win fight for me.”

Sean O’Malley scored a highlight-reel knockout win over Eddie Wineland to open the UFC 250 pay-per-view card. In the lead up to the scrap, he said he was looking for another viral knockout win and Saturday’s finish definitely qualifies as such.

Whether or not the UFC will book Sean O’Malley vs. Cody Garbrandt remains to be seen. But, it could easily headline a Fight Night card where the winner would enter title contention.

Who do you think would win, Sean O’Malley or Cody Garbrandt?


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