Dricus Du Plessis plans to prove he’s the “new star” by finishing “gatekeeper” Robert Whittaker at UFC 290

By Cole Shelton - July 4, 2023

Dricus Du Plessis is ready to make a statement at UFC 290.

Dricus Du Plessis UFC 290

Du Plessis is set to take on Robert Whittaker in a title eliminator fight on the main card in Las Vegas on Saturday. While the booking admittedly came as a bit of a surprise, the South African was fine taking the fight as he wants to earn his title shot by beating the best.

Dricus Du Plessis also believes the UFC has confidence in him that he will win, so he is ready to prove them right.


“I think I could have gotten the title fight, to be honest with you. I almost believe the title fight was imminent if the Whittaker fight didn’t happen they would’ve given me the title shot anyway,” Du Plessis said on Just Scrap Radio on BJPENN.com. “I’m not looking to earn my title shot off of hype, or anything other than the fact that I deserve to be there because I am the best and beat the best. When they offered me the fight, I just said yes because I am here to fight…

“He is a gatekeeper that just won’t let anybody through. That is why it is so interesting they gave me that fight,” Du Plessis continued. “The UFC believes they are in a position where I am the new star, if I get past Whittaker, I am the only other person outside the champion to do that. That’s what I’m going out there to do that, I’m going out there to prove them right.”

Dricus Du Plessis Plans To Finish Robert Whittaker

Although beating Robert Whittaker is easier said than done, Dricus Du Plessis has a ton of confidence ahead of UFC 290.

Du Plessis recently got surgery on his nose, which will now allow him to breathe properly during his fights. With that, Dricus Du Plessis is expecting a dog fight and is confident he won’t just beat Robert Whittaker at UFC 290 but will finish him.

“His biggest tool is the fact he is so well-rounded; he can do everything. I think I match up great with a guy like Rob because I like dog fights. I’ve been in many of them and I go out there to put on exciting fights and Whittaker does exactly the same thing,” Du Plessis said. “At the end of the day, I want this more and I do believe I have more dog in me than Robert Whittaker… I 100 percent believe this fight is not seeing the third round. I’m going out there to finish Robert Whittaker and I 100 percent know I will finish Rob Whittaker on Saturday night.”

If Dricus Du Plessis does finish Robert Whittaker at UFC 290 as he says, he would be next in line for the title shot. Although the fight will happen in September, the South African is fine making that quick of a turnaround.

“For me, I’m in the zone right now and on the momentum train. If there are no injuries or no serious things, why not? If there are no injuries, I am 100 percent ready to take that fight,” Du Plessis concluded.

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