Colby Covington offers to take care of “scardest motherf**ker” Jorge Masvidal for Dana White

Colby Covington
Image: @ColbyCovMMA on Twitter

Former UFC welterweight title challenger Colby Covington has taken another shot at his former training partner turned heated rival Jorge Masvidal.

Masvidal is currently involved in a heated contract dispute with the UFC and the promotion’s President Dana White. The top welterweight contender’s main gripes stem from the amount he’s paid by the promotion.

Speaking on the latest episode of Radio, Covington offered to take care of Masvidal on behalf of White and the UFC.

“I know Dana’s having a dispute with ‘Street Judas’ Masvidal right now,” Covington said of Masvidal, who has not fought since he won the UFC’s first and only ‘BMF’ tile last November (h/t MMA News). “Hey Dana, you know who to call. Call me, bro. I’ll finish ‘Street Judas’ off. I’ll send that dude to the morgue, he won’t ever fight again. He’s got the BMF title but that’s not even a real title, it’s a participation trophy. He’s really got the SMF title right now. The saddest motherf*cker, or the scaredest motherf*cker. It wasn’t a money issue, it was a scared issue.”

This is far from the first shot Covington has taken at his former friend Masvidal. Back in May, Covington threatened to attack Masvidal if they cross paths on the street.

“Me and Street Judas are 100 percent gonna fight before it’s all said and done,” Covington said on MMA Fighting’s What the Heck podcast. “We might fight a couple of times, because if I see him in the street, it’s gonna be a fade session. He’s gonna get put on the concrete, I’m gonna drop him on his f*ckin’ head and put stitches in the back of his head. It’s not gonna be nice, I promise you that.

“And he knows that, deep down inside he knows,” Covington added. “But he’s willing to take a paycheck in the UFC to get his ass whupped because he knows the UFC is gonna pay his f*cking medical bills. Besides that, if we fight on the street, I’m gonna drop him on his f*cking head, and he’s never gonna be the same person again because he’s gonna be concussed, the concrete’s gonna mess with him. I’ll probably kick his teeth in, too, while I’m at it.”

Does a fight between Colby Covington and Jorge Masvidal interest you?

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