Lyman Good eyes win over Belal Muhammad in memory of his late father

By Cole Shelton - June 17, 2020

Lyman Good and Belal Muhammad were supposed to fight back at UFC 249 on April 18. However, Good was forced to pull out of the bout due to an ‘injury’, and the fight card was later canceled entirely.

Lyman Good

Once the card was officially canceled, Good revealed that he pulled out the contest due to contracting COVID-19. The welterweight contender did overcome it and once he did, he told the UFC to get him back in there ASAP and preferably against Muhammad.

“As soon as I was medically cleared and as soon as feasibly possible I wanted to get back on track and continue where I left off and make this fight happen. Mentally, it’s one of those things that once you get your mindset on the person you really clamp down on that one person,” Good said to “I’m someone who when I start something I finish it. So, when I started this camp a while back I had my intentions set on Belal. We have already been scheduled to fight a few times so the time is now.”

Now, against Muhammad, Good is eager to finish what he started. He knows the 31-year-old will look to take him down and wrestle as he won’t want to strike with him.

“I’m pretty sure that will be his plan to take me down. But, I wouldn’t put it past him to prove his striking against me,” he explained. “I’m really prepared and I’m excited about this fight because I know it will be exciting. I’m going to push forward and I’m excited to have this fight go in any direction.”

Although Lyman Good is a slight underdog, he isn’t paying any attention to that. Instead, he is confident in his skill set and his power that he believes he will knock out Muhammad.

“I got power man. It’s one of those things where I’m the type of athlete the longer I go the looser I get and the stronger I get,” Good said. “It was a great opportunity for me to dispatch someone who I don’t think had ever been knocked out. I was happy to be able to prove that I have power no matter what. From the opening bell to the end I can put someone lights out.

“I plan on knocking him out. He will have two knockout losses after Saturday,” he added.

For Good, he believes if he does finish Muhammad, it will set himself up nicely to fight a ranked opponent once again.

“I believe so. Belal is known and is very active. I’m looking to take this win and keep on my path to the top. It’s also not just about fighting a lot and beating people,” he concluded. “It’s more about how you beat people. If you have a good style and finish fights it will get you to the top faster.”

Lyman Good’s father also recently passed away. So “Cyborg” is dedicating this fight to him and says it has been difficult for him.

“He’s been on my mind every single day of my camp since he passed a few weeks back. I’m doing this in his name,” Good concluded.

Do you think Lyman Good will be able to KO Belal Muhammad?

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