Brendan Schaub reveals eavesdropping on call with Joe Silva, who bashed Rory MacDonald: “It will break your heart the way they look at you”

By Adam Martin - June 17, 2020

Former UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub revealed he eavesdropped on a phone call with former UFC matchmaker Joe Silva, who he said bashed Rory MacDonald.

Brendan Schaub

A number of former UFC fighters such as Gray Maynard, Eddie Alvarez, and Gerald Harris have recently spoken out against Silva, the long-time UFC matchmaker. Schaub is the latest ex-UFC fighter to speak negatively against Silva, explaining how he was a “complete prick” to the fighters and saying he was nothing more than a “Sherdog forum troll.”

On the latest edition of the “Below the Belt” podcast, Schaub spoke about an incident that involved MacDonald, the long-time UFC welterweight contender, and former Bellator welterweight champion. Schaub said that he once eavesdropped on a phone call with his manager Lex MacMahon and Silva, who were discussing contracts for Schaub and MacDonald, and he said Silva said nasty things about both himself and MacDonald.

“I beat Matt Mitrione (at UFC 165) and it was the last fight on my contract with the UFC. The last fight of my TUF contract, which is a complete f*cking nightmare. You’re basically on a rookie NFL contract, which is a bad contract compared to everyone else. So when I fought (Mirko) Cro Cop I was getting 16 and 16 and he made over a million. When I fought Nogueira I was getting 22 and 22, he was getting millions. When I fought Gonzaga I was getting 12 and 12, he was getting 80 and 80. You’re on a sh*t contract and fighting monsters in the heavyweight division. But that’s how those TUF deals go,” Schaub said.

“So I D’arced Mitrione, and I was the happiest I’ve ever been, but they didn’t give me the ‘Submission of the Night’ for whatever reason. Then I flew to Florida where my management was, just to party and train. I asked Lex, ‘Where we are on the contract negotiations?’ He’s like, ‘I’m in it with Joe Silva, man.’ He said, ‘You know he’s just tough to deal with, I’m dealing with both you and Rory MacDonald at the same time with him. It’s just tough man, he’s a complete prick.’ I said, ‘How bad?’ He said, ‘You have no idea.’ I go, ‘Dude, call him and don’t let him know I’m listening.’ And my manager Lex — who still does a ton of my deals and he’s one of my closest deals — I go, ‘Call him and don’t let him know I’m on the line.’ He goes, ‘You sure you want to do that?’ I’ve always had thick skin and I know how business works, I can deal with whatever he says. He said, ‘Alright,’ and called him,” Schaub said.

“Dude, it will break your heart the way they look at you. Oh my God, dude. That’s when I was like, ‘Oh f*ck.’ It was the most vile — and he’s talking about me and Rory MacDonald, and Rory’s one of the greatest to ever do it — dude, the things said about Rory and myself, you’d be like, ‘Oh my God.’ Just the darkest, nastiest sh*t you’ve ever heard. I wish I never heard it. My manager was right. It was so dark,” Brendan Schaub said.

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