Daniel Cormier sounds off on fan taunting Jordan Burroughs after Olympic trials loss: “It’s mind boggling”

By Harry Kettle - April 22, 2024

UFC commentator Daniel Cormier has given his thoughts on a fan taunting Jordan Burroughs following his Olympic trials defeat.

Jordan Burroughs

As many of us know, Jordan Burroughs is an American wrestling legend. In addition to his many World Championship titles, he also won an Olympic gold medal at London 2012. He’s an absolute stud, and he’s done a great deal for the sport of amateur wrestling.

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This past week, however, he fell short in his attempt to qualify for the 2024 Summer Olympics. He was beaten by Jason Nolf in the semifinals at 74kg, in what many believe could serve as the final wrestling match of his illustrious career.

In the immediate aftermath, a troll in the crowd shouted “career is over”. This prompted a response from Jordan and his team, as you can imagine. Now, Daniel Cormier has weighed in on the incident, and he isn’t happy.

Cormier defends Burroughs

“What a piece of trash this guy is. To yell go home to a guy who’s represented our country the right way for 13 years/7 world or Olympic titles is insane. This is why Arman punched that fan. People behave with no consequence. This dude possibly wrestled last match of his career and this is what you give him? I love how manning jumped to his guys defense. Sometimes I am so lost in the way people act. It’s mind boggling. JB you’re still the man. Time gets us all. Also Jason Nolf is a dog!”

Do you agree with Daniel Cormier? What do you believe is next for Jordan Burroughs if he does decide to hang it up, and what would be his legacy if he did? Let us know, BJPENN Nation!

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