Comedian Andrew Schulz roasts UFC president Dana White over fighter pay

By Harry Kettle - May 6, 2024

Comedian Andrew Schulz joked about fighter pay with UFC president Dana White in attendance for the Roast of Tom Brady last night.

Andrew Schulz and Dana White

If there’s one topic we know Dana White isn’t a big fan of, it’s fighter pay. For years now, the Ultimate Fighting Championship has been accused of underpaying its fighters. That’s even the case when it comes to the likes of Conor McGregor and Francis Ngannou, with many believing they should have earned more throughout their UFC careers.

Regardless of whether or not you agree with that sentiment, it continues to be a source of controversy for Dana to deal with in scrums and interviews.

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Someone who has always taken a keen interest in the subject is none other than Andrew Schulz. During last night’s Roast of Tom Brady, he used White as part of a gag that was initially directed at Brady.

Schulz roasts White

“Gronkowski-Edelman-Welker, that’s not a receiving core, that’s a law firm, and with that divorce coming up, you’re gonna f***ing need them! Oh, that’s why Dana [White] is here – so you can learn how to f*** a Brazilian out of half their purse!”

It certainly doesn’t feel like there’s going to be a quick resolution to the fighter pay conversation. In the months and years that lie ahead, though, you can bet media will continue discussing the matter – as well as fans.

What side do you land on when it comes to the conversation around fighter pay? Would you like to see Dana White be questioned more on the matter, or should media and fans leave it alone? Let us know your thoughts on this and the Tom Brady roast in general, BJPENN Nation!

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