Cub Swanson takes issues with Joaquin Buckley claiming he would KO a prime GSP, ‘New Mansa’ responds

By Harry Kettle - May 25, 2024

UFC veteran Cub Swanson has taken issue with Joaquin Buckley claiming that he would knock out a prime Georges St-Pierre.

Cub Swanson

As we all know, Cub Swanson is a big fan favorite in the world of mixed martial arts. That’s been the case for many years now, and will likely always be true. While he isn’t often listed amongst the best of the best, he has produced some of the very best fights and moments we’ve ever seen inside the Octagon.

On the flip side, Joaquin Buckley is a rising prospect who is aiming to become a world champion. Recently, he took to social media in order to suggest that he would’ve knocked out the great Georges St-Pierre in his prime.

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As you can imagine, there was some backlash – leading to quite the falling out between Cub and Buckley.

Buckley and Swanson go back and forth

Buckley: “NGL if me and GSP fought at the same age (30) I’d knockout the goat TBH.”
Swanson: “Better men have tried and couldn’t do it.”
Buckley: “Get yo ass on a winning streak first Cub talking bout better men.”
Swanson: “I’ll work on that homie. Go ahead and keep chasing clout. Just don’t disrespect the legends of this sport. You haven’t done enough yet.”
Buckley: “Disrespect nah see you never once been on my page and you talking nonsense mf fighters fight and for me GSP is the goat but in my humble opinion I’d knock GSP out at this stag of my game. Just my opinion hoe.”
Swanson: “I was being honest when I said better men have tried. You’re sipping too much of your own Kool-Aid. I’ve been here, you just got here. Have some MF respect lil boy.”

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