Colby Covington reveals his dream fights in the UFC: “Come see America’s champ”

By Cole Shelton - November 29, 2023

Colby Covington has named his dream fights he wants before his career is over.

Colby Covington

Covington is set to fight Leon Edwards in the main event of UFC 296 on Dec. 16 for the welterweight title in a highly-anticipated matchup. Although his focus is on that fight and becoming the world champion, he has been vocal in saying he wants Islam Makhachev as his first title defense, and he told that the lightweight champ is his dream fight.

“Number one, for sure, is Islam Makhachev. That’s the money fight. That needs to be settled. USA vs Russia. It’s the Rocky IV theme line. Rocky vs Drago. Everybody is talking like he’s pound-for-pound this, he’s pound-for-pound that. Against me, he’ll see a real fighter. He needs to stop being a weight bully, cutting all that weight to get the size advantage over people, and he needs to come see America’s champ. He needs to come see Donald Trump’s favorite fighter. I’ll see you soon, Islam,” Covington said to

Islam Makhachev has also expressed interest in the past in fighting Colby Covington should he win the welterweight title, so perhaps his dream fight has a good chance of coming to fruition.

When asked about his other two dream fights, Colby Covington said they would be Cono McGregor and Dustin Poirier. According to ‘Chaos’ he believes getting the chance to fight McGregor would bring the best out of him which is why that is a dream fight of his.

But, for Poirier, there is much more of a personal reason as to why Covington wants to fight his former teammate.

“A guy by the name of Dustin Soreier. He’s the one that got me kicked out of my old gym by crying and having feelings, saying, oh, Colby is a mean person. Kick him out of our gym while we get locked in an Octagon to hurt each other in our underwear on Saturday nights. I would love to square up with Dustin Soreier, but he’s afraid of me and he’s afraid of my shadow. I’ll never get to fight him because he’s just scared,” Covington added.

Before Colby Covington can get any of those fights, he will need to beat Leon Edwards at UFC 296.


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