Colby Covington Has Become Too Much for These UFC Fighters to Handle

By Justin Golightly - December 9, 2017

Colby Covington has been making a case for a shot at welterweight champion Tyron Woodley for awhile now, but it’s been more than just talk. He did end up with a win over the last title challenger in grappling guru Demian Maia. This only heated up his rampage promotional tour to make sure Woodley, and every other welterweight for that matter, knew he was the new man to beat at 170-pounds. His relentless tirade looks like it has resulted in a roster-wide blocking on social media.

Colby Covington

I think people can learn from Colby [Covington]. He’s going to be in that pool by himself, because all these crybabies can’t stand to hear anybody boo them. He’s just being himself and it’s what all fighters should do. We’ll see these fighters come out. They want to act like some religious angel or they’re the world’s nicest guy, when they’re nothing more than a dirty rotten cage fighter. Be whoever you are. If you’re a funny guy, be the funny guy. If you’re the smart ass, be the smart ass, but just be who you are. Don’t try to fool any of us, and Colby’s not. This is who he is. I’ve known him since he was 11 years old. He’s not working an angle here. This isn’t some act, he’s just sick of staying quiet.” — Chael Sonnen speaking on our own BJ Penn Radio.  

Who can forget his boomerang altercation in Australia with UFC heavyweight Fabricio Werdum? It seems like the fallout from that stemming from his controversial statements about Brazil has also resulted in a block from Werdum as well. Tyron Woodley and Rafael dos Anjos are now sage from his attacks on Twitter, but that won’t stop Colby Covington from talking and definitely won’t prevent the welterweight contender from pursuing fights with anyone he needs to get that title.

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