VIDEO | Colby Covington Calls Out Tyron Woodley at Impact Wrestling

By Justin Golightly - November 7, 2017

If there is one guy you can’t knock about being persistent, it’s Colby Covington. He’s gone to the ends of the Earth and back to get a title shot against Tyron Woodley, this time he’s ventured where no MMA fighter has ever gone before to call out a UFC fighter. Covington has been one of many fighters storming Impact Wrestling with American Top Team co-founder Dan Lambert. They granted him some time on the mic backstage and he did what any good pro wrestling heel does: Call out the champion and trash him on the mic.   

Tyron Woodley Colby Covington

“Man, the guy is making all these excuses. [Tyron Woodley] doesn’t want to tell the world the real reason he doesn’t want to fight me. The real reason Tyron Woodley doesn’t want to fight me is because the last time we were in the gym together, I broke him. And I’ll do the same thing in front of the world when we fight for that welterweight champions, Tyron Woodley. January makes sense, you know. They’re doing a UFC in St Louis, his hometown, so let’s see if he can defend the home turf.”

“I’m the money fight for you, Tyron Woodley. I’m number three. You already fought number one and number two, I’m next in line. Stop making excuses. Everybody says I’m a racist but I’m a realist. I’m saying the truth, Everything I’m saying is truth and what I’m saying is that Tyron Woodley, you’re next. I’m going to finish you. Just like I did to Demian Maia. You couldn’t beat Demian Maia as bad as I beat Demian Maia. You are next, Tyron Woodley.” — Colby Covington speaking to Impact Wrestling. 

While Tyron Woodley has his eyes on a superfight with Georges St-Pierre for GSP’s new middleweight title, Colby Covington is making sure his name stays in the discussion for welterweight gold. After all, Woodley did practically say he could beat Covington with one arm. Who knows if this combined with finishing Demian Maia is enough to lure Woodley into granting him the shot, but he’s gone to great links to make his voice heard.

This article first appeared on on 11/7/2017.