Cody Brundage believes he’s too much of a “step-up in competiton” for Bo Nickal, confident he will finish him at UFC 300

By Cole Shelton - April 12, 2024

Cody Brundage wanted to fight Bo Nickal and he was hoping he’d get the fight at UFC 300.

Cody Brundage

Brundage is on a two-fight winning streak and after his last win, he thought it made sense for him to be Nickal’s next opponent. To no surprise, when his coach called with a fight offer, it was Nickal at UFC 300 which he jumped at.

“A big opportunity, the Bo fight is a fight I have discussed with my coaches before, it’s a fight that I think is a good matchup. My coaches knew that it was a fight I wanted and then being on 300 is a cherry on top. It’s a huge card, biggest card ever, it’s a huge opportunity and I’m excited about it. My coach called me and told me he had a fight offer and I asked if it was Bo at 300 as I had a feeling,” Brundage said on Just Scrap Radio on

Entering the fight, Cody Brundage is the biggest underdog on the card which isn’t too surprising to him. But, he does think there are a lot of unanswered questions about Nickal, which he plans to make him answer.

“I think it’s easy to prepare for him, but I don’t think it’s easy to fight him. The preparation is making him answer those questions, the questions of how he will do when he’s in a real scrap, making him answer the question about what his cardio is like, the question of what’s he going to do when guys get up when he wrestles. I feel like I’m a huge step up in competition, the preparation is easy because you know what he’s good at and what he will try to execute,” Brundage said.

If Cody Brundage can keep the fight standing, he knows he can pose some problems with Bo Nickal. But, Brundage knows at points the fight likely won’t look good for him, but he has confidence he can overcome it and make Nickal tired and get a big finish at UFC 300.

“I’ve lost fights, I’ve won fights, but most of the fights when people are on the feet with me for a prolonged time, I can find their chin and hurt them,” Brundage said. “I don’t see him really playing that game too much. I’m sure he thinks he can run through me with his wrestling… I think I get him out of there, I think maybe late second, early third, I think I get him out of there. It’s not going to look pretty, it may look rough for me sometimes but understand it’s a 15-minute fight and not a five-minute fight.

“If it was an NCAA wrestling match, I’d be like ‘Shit, Cole we are out of luck.’ But, it’s not. I am way more dynamic on the feet, I’m explosive, fast, I’m super durable, and have power in my hands. The wrestling won’t be as easy as he thinks, he gets a little desperate and tired and we get him out of there,” Brundage added.

If Brundage does beat Nickal, he knows it sets him up for a big fight next time out. But, he also knows he won’t get the credit he deserves as fans will say Nickal sucks, rather than he is good.

“It will never be Cody Brundage is as good as we thought. It will be Bo wasn’t ready, Bo isn’t as good as we thought, it will be all those things… I think it’s a good launch pad. Hopefully, I can get three or four this year, I like staying active, handle business, beat Bo and maybe fight in July and then October and then end of the year be knocking at the top 15,” Brundage concluded.

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