Chael Sonnen voices frustration over draw ruling in boxing match with Anderson Silva: “I won the first 3 rounds!”

By Harry Kettle - June 17, 2024

Chael Sonnen has voiced his frustration after his exhibition boxing match against Anderson Silva was ruled a draw.

Chael Sonnen, Anderson Silva

Last weekend, Chael Sonnen went head to head with Anderson Silva in an exhibition boxing showdown. As we know, these two men have fought each other twice previously, with Silva coming out on top on both occasions. Alas, we heard a few weeks back that they’d be colliding in the squared circle, and it came to fruition on Saturday in Brazil.

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In the end, we saw what equated to a sparring match, conducted over five two-minute rounds. The official ruling was a draw as was expected with it being an exhibition, but Sonnen had a few things on his mind in the immediate aftermath.

Sonnen’s belief

“I thought I won the first three rounds,” Sonnen told reporters in a post-fight scrum. “He let me win the first one. He always lets me win the first round. That’s like one of his strategies. He feels you out. He lets everybody win the first round. And I did the same thing in Rounds 2 and 3 that I did in the first round. But I slipped somewhere in the fourth round, then they brought the doctor in at some point because I had a bloody nose or something. It’s like, come on. You’re making this look way worse than it is. It’s three rounds to two. I thought I won that fight.”

“The last two fights, whether I like it or not, were stoppage losses,” Sonnen said. “So a draw is a big step in the right direction. On the other hand, of the six completed rounds I’ve had with Anderson Silva, I won all six. He has never won a round against me. That’s a reality. Tonight he won rounds. Big deal for me to get a draw – big deal for him to win a round.”

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