VIDEO | Brendan Schaub slams UFC for ‘low-level’ Greg Hardy vs Allen Crowder fight

By Drake Riggs - January 22, 2019

“The co-main event… Allen Crowder vs Greg Hardy,” Brendan Schaub began to recap on his Below the Belt podcast. “It was the lowest product [UFC has] ever put out, besides CM Punk fighting.


“The UFC is the filet mignon, it is prime picogram beef. It is the best you can get in the world. Don’t give us fast food. Don’t deliver McDonald’s when we’re expecting a five-course meal. Don’t Donald Trump us. Give the people the filet, the mashed potatoes, the best food in the world. Cause you have it!

“Don’t serve up this low-level sh*t show,” Schaub continued. “You’re giving us Greg Hardy. Not only does he have zero skills, which was completely showcased, but he has a huge history of domestic violence.

“I believe in second chances if you made a mistake here and there in life. But when it comes to domestic violence… That’s not a mistake. That’s a character trait. That’s you, man. That’s you.

“This isn’t a redemption story,” Schaub stated. “This is a piece of sh*t story. And hopefully, the light at the end of your tunnel is not hitting women. Not becoming the UFC heavyweight champion of the world. What the f*ck you talking about?”

UFC Brooklyn this past Saturday night marked multiple firsts. It was Henry Cejudo’s first title defense, the first UFC event of 2019, the first UFC event on an ESPN broadcast, and one of six first UFC fights for promotional debutants.

One of those being the controversial former NFL defensive end, Greg Hardy.

Quickly amassing a record of 3-0 in his pro career which he started in June 2018, Hardy earned a developmental UFC contract with his first win which came on Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series season 2 over Austen Lane.

Hardy getting to fight at the Contender Series was controversial enough, and that’s only continued to be the story since then as it surely will be as his career progresses.

In his UFC debut at UFC Brooklyn as the co-main event opposite Allen Crowder, Hardy would suffer his first MMA defeat by landing an illegal knee to a downed Crowder. Thus giving Crowder the DQ win.

Right when you thought things couldn’t get anymore controversial.

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