Alexander Volkanovski calls Jose Aldo the featherweight GOAT ahead of UFC 301

By Cole Shelton - May 1, 2024

Alexander Volkanovski hails Jose Aldo as the greatest featherweight of all time.

Alexander Volkanovski and Jose Aldo

Volkanovski defeated Aldo en route to winning the featherweight title, and both are in the conversation of being the greatest ever. However, Volkanovski says he still has to give it to Aldo due to the length of his title reign, and being so dominant in wins makes him the featherweight GOAT.

“Who’s the greatest featherweight? I can appreciate what Aldo’s done you know what I mean, that’s for other people to decide but you know for me, if you ask me, I’m going to say Aldo because he was a champion for a very long time. Obviously, people are going to look at competition and all that but to be champion that long, things go wrong, you fight injured, there’s so many things that can go wrong and to be champion that long, it’s saying something. He was very dominant as a champion, full respect to Aldo.,” Volkanovski said on MainEvent.

Jose Aldo is set to return to the Octagon in the co-main event of UFC 301 against Jonathan Martinez, in his return to the UFC. Heading into Aldo’s return, Volkanovski reminisced on the Brazilian’s legendary career.

“Obviously his technique, his skill, is always going to be something that you’re going to appreciate but him being such a respectful champion. Again, that’s how I like to be like, I think he’s morally correct, I think he’s just respectful, he’s how a champion should be and that was something that I really did appreciate and wanted to, made me want to be a great champion too. I was always going to be respectful, it’s so good to see someone like him be the champion,” Volkanovski said.

Volkanovski fought Aldo in Brazil at UFC 237 and it was the Aussie who won by unanimous decision. Volkanovski ended up winning the featherweight title in his next fight while Aldo dropped down to bantamweight.

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