Conor McGregor reveals the injury that forced him out of UFC 303: “See ya’s soon, Chandler or not”

By Cole Shelton - June 21, 2024

Conor McGregor has opened up on the injury that forced him out of his UFC 303 fight against Michael Chandler.

Conor McGregor

McGregor was supposed to make his highly-anticipated return at UFC 303 on June 29, but around two weeks out, it was revealed the Irishman was forced to withdraw from the bout. It was disappointing news, and now on Friday, McGregor took to his Instagram to reveal a broken toe is the reason he withdrew from the fight.

“Man we were so fucking super ready for this fight it is absolutely gut wrenching to take. I want that new Bugatti how I gone justify to myself getting that now without banking these fights. We had a lapse in concentration and engaged in a training session without wearing the full protective gear and I hit the toe off the elbow and broke the toe clean. It needs a few weeks that’s it. I couldn’t justify to my team, or fans, that I make the walk hindered again. That walk has been seen. This next walk has got to be, and it will be, 100% Conor McGregor,” McGregor wrote on Instagram.

“The fans deserve it and we are getting close. A slight lapse in concentration and a nuisance of an injury was picked up. That’s it. Take the lesson and move forward. I will get this back. I’ve got too. I’ve got two fights left on my contract. I’ve got Bugattis and more yachts on my mind. I’m coming to shine. I gotta just take my time. Cos I still got yachts and Bentleys and mansions and all the rest. Ya know yaself. But ya get me, I’ll be back. See ya’s soon. See ya at the top. Chandler or not,” McGregor wrote.

After weeks of rumors, Conor McGregor finally silenced them and revealed that a broken toe was the result of his UFC 303 withdrawal, and he took to X to share photos of the toe.

The good news is a broken toe shouldn’t take long to heal so Conor McGregor should be able to return soon. However, what is interesting is McGregor mentioned his return may not be against Michael Chandler who has sat out for two years trying to secure this fight.

Conor McGregor is 22-6 as a pro and hasn’t fought since July of 2021 when he broke his leg in the trilogy against Dustin Poirier.