Pro fighters blast the idea of Dillon Danis being Jake Paul’s next opponent

Dillon Danis

Pro fighters took to social media and blasted the idea of Bellator star Dillon Danis being Jake Paul’s next opponent inside the boxing ring.

Danis was one of a handful of pro fighters who put their hands up to say they want to fight Paul after he knocked out Ben Askren in a highly-anticipated boxing match on Triller. You can criticize him for his choice of opponents so far, but overall it was a tremendous performance by Paul yet again. Considering how much money and eyeballs he brings to the table, it’s not a surprise seeing how many other fighters are interesting in facing him next.

One of those is Danis, the Bellator BJJ ace who has a history with Paul. In fact, after Paul knocked out Nate Robinson last winter, Danis was one of the fighters who called him out. He didn’t end up getting the fight, but now that Paul is available again, Danis wants him. However, it appears as though a number of other pro fighters think Danis is a joke.


Ariel u ok?

Not one bit.

Big time, two great boxers

Lmao Dillon (Danis) can’t fight! It’s no point. Fight me

No!!!! The time for these non striker, who’s got the most followers fights are over. Jake can fight, and needs to fight either a real striker from MMA or pro boxer. No more picking these easy matchups!

no. That guy (Danis) is a hack. I’d love to see @Ruthless_RL reap @jakepaul ‘s soul though.

It sure seems like there isn’t a ton of respect for Danis’ striking skills from the other pro fighters who commented on the potential matchup with Paul. While Danis has a big mouth and is able to generate interest with his trash-talking, it feels like fans and fighters at this point would like to see Paul tested against someone with more of a striking background.

Do you think Dillon Danis should be next for Jake Paul or should someone else?

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