WWE deemed essential business in Florida during coronavirus pandemic

Vince McMahon WWE
Photo via WWE

Vince McMahon received good news on Monday as the WWE has been confirmed an essential business in the state of Florida during the coronavirus pandemic.

McMahon, the WWE chairman and CEO, has continued to run pro wrestling events despite the coronavirus pandemic wiping out the majority of the sports world. Many fans and media have wondered how WWE has still been able to operate and run shows while other sports leagues including the UFC haven’t been able to. On Monday, we found out the reason.

Jerry Demings, the mayor for Orange County, Florida, confirmed that the reason the WWE Performance Insitute in Orlando has been able to continue holding events is because the state governor deemed it as an essential business.

“I think initially there was a review that was done and they were not initially deemed an essential business,” Demings said (via TMZ).

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“With some conversation with the Governor’s office regarding the Governor’s order, they were deemed an essential business. And so, therefore, they were allowed to remain open.”

McMahon and the WWE recently filmed Wrestlemania 36, though of course there was no crowd in attendance for the event. The company plans on shooting WWE Raw on Monday, as well. It seems things are mostly business as usual in the world of pro wrestling.

This news is sure to irk UFC president Dana White, who would likely argue that the UFC is in a similar position to the WWE as far as how they hold their event. However, WWE has its Performance Institute in Florida while the UFC’s is in Nevada. So while WWE was able to hold its events, the UFC is in a different position in its home state. Still, MMA fans who want to watch events again are likely to see this situation as hypocritical.

Do you think the UFC should be deemed an essential business like the WWE?

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