TUTORIAL: Japanese legend Shinya Aoki demonstrates signature flying armbar

This video was first published on Evolve Vacation.

Ever wondered how to pull off that slick flying armbar you see in jiu-jitsu competitions? Well, one of the best in the world at this particular move is EVOLVE MMA’s Shinya Aoki.

Nicknamed “Tobikan Judan” which in Japanese loosely translates to “The Grandmaster of Flying Submissions”, Aoki is a well-known figure in the martial arts world who is recognized for his technical grappling skill. He is a multiple-time grappling world champion, and is widely-considered one of the most talented grapplers in all of MMA.

One of Aoki’s signature moves is the flying armbar. In this video, Aoki demonstrates how to properly execute the flying armbar.

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The flying armbar is a maneuver that requires a lot of timing and speed. Once you are in a good position to execute it, you must do it quickly.

Shinya Aoki is a grappling superstar and Japanese martial arts legend

Start off by pulling your opponent towards you to minimize the distance. With your right hand, hold behind your opponent’s head while your left hand overhooks the arm.

As you step your right leg back, immediately jump towards your opponent and immediately hook your right leg over his waist. The left leg should follow in the same swinging motion. Remember, one hand should be behind your opponent’s head while the other holds his arm. This will keep him from posturing up and escaping.

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As your left leg swings up, place it on the other side of your opponent’s head. Do not release your grip at any point. As you extend your legs, your opponent will roll down onto the floor. Keep your grip and switch your right grip to his arm. Continue to hold your opponent’s arm in this position, and move your grips higher.

Ensure that your opponent’s thumb is pointed up and that you are trapping his arm tightly with your legs. Raise your hips to finish the submission.

Aoki demonstrates his signature move, the flying armbar

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