VIDEO | Max Kellerman eats his words and admits he was surprised by Conor McGregor’s performance

There were some fans, fighters, and pundits that believed that there was no chance in the world that Conor McGregor would be able to have a competitive fight with Floyd Mayweather in the boxing ring. Boxing commentator Max Kellerman was a huge doubter of McGregor and went as far as to claim that “The Notorious” would not land a single punch on Mayweather during the entire course of their fight.

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Not only did McGregor land some clean shots on Mayweather, he even won some rounds on the judge’s scorecards and many believe the current UFC lightweight champion won more rounds than what the judges actually scored for him.

Max Kellerman and Stephen A. Smith spoke about the fight on ESPN’s “First Take.”

“That was the best version of what that fight could possibly have been,” Kellerman said. “And I want to start off by saying, Conor McGregor deserves enormous credit. He is an exceptional fighter. An exceptional fighter. Even among champions, he stands out.”

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“Conor McGregor has an extremely high fighting IQ. It’s the reason he didn’t hit Mayweather with anything hard. He didn’t load up on any punches. He had the uppercut in the first round and and I know I said he would not even land a glove on Mayweather, not a clean punch, and I have a lot of people on Twitter saying, ‘He landed 111 punches.’ No, he didn’t. But, Conor did land 10 or a dozen over the course of 10 rounds, which is actually more than most fighters land cleanly against Mayweather. Jabs and body punches included, those are punches. 10 or 12.”

Although Kellerman and Smith praised McGregor for his performance, they did state that Mayweather did show his age of 40 on Saturday night and is correct in making the call to retire and have this his last fight.

This article first appeared on on 8/28/2017.

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