VIDEO | Michael Rapaport and Skip Bayless go off on each other following Mayweather vs McGregor

Both Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor delivered an exciting fight on Saturday night in what was built up to potentially be the richest bout in all of combat sports.

Many things were said between the two superstar opponents leading up to the fight and when it was all said and done with Mayweather getting the stoppage in the 10th round, the two athletes showed an incredible amount of respect for one another in the ring and at the post-fight press conference.

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While Mayweather and McGregor settled their differences in the boxing ring, not all fans and pundits who were emotionally invested in the competition were able to see eye to eye. Skip Bayless and Michael Rapaport got into with each other trying to make their points from fight night while on “Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED.”

Bayless, who has been a hard-core McGregor supporter backed the UFC champion in his defeat while Rapaport had his full support for Mayweather and was very vocal about it when the fight was called to an end.

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“It was more exciting than I thought,” Rapaport admitted as he previously called the matchup a complete mismatch. “I expected it to go for 12 rounds. I expected the beating to go on but Floyd was so unthreatened.”

“Really?” Bayless questioned.

Rapaport brought up the 111 punches stat that McGregor landed on Mayweather and stated that for the amount of money he earned, he better have landed punches. Bayless then argued that McGregor was able to land more punches than Mayweather’s previous nine opponents who went the full 12 rounds.

The two go on to argue their own points of view and surely some blood pressure levels rose a bit during their exchange. Check out their arguments in the video above and then let’s take this one to discuss in the comment section!

This article first appeared on on 8/28/2017.

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