Coach John Kavanagh says Conor McGregor is looking “super slick” ahead of comeback fight at UFC 303

By Harry Kettle - April 23, 2024

Head coach John Kavanagh has said that Conor McGregor is looking slick ahead of his comeback fight at UFC 303.

John Kavanagh and Conor McGregor sitting

At UFC 303 this summer, Conor McGregor will finally return to the Octagon. He will do so for the first time in three years, dating back to when he broke his leg against Dustin Poirier.

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His comeback will come against Michael Chandler. The two have been teasing a fight against one another for well over a year and now, it’s finally coming to fruition.

In a recent interview, John Kavanagh provided an update on how the Irishman’s progress is going ahead of fight night.

Kavanagh praises McGregor

“He’s looking super slick,” Kavanagh told Severe MMA. “There is fighters that when they’re not fighting … it starts becoming a job, and it’s hard to keep the level of intensity. Even if it’s not physical, the level of mental intensity of always be thinking about training, always thinking about sequences, always thinking about techniques. That’s something Conor’s had naturally his whole career.

“So even though when there were times where he’s filming and he’s doing this, he’s doing that, we’re still always having conversations back and forward, whereas some fighters are like, ‘If I’m not fighting, I don’t even want to look at shows. I’ll just get ready when there’s a fight coming up.’ He’s come back on the mats as sharp as ever. Of course, we’ve got to get the rounds in and get the conditioning up so as to be ready for competition, but his technique is as sharp as ever.”

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