Video | Fighters go at it again after the decision is read at KSW 58

By Chris Taylor - January 30, 2021

Welterweight fighters Shamil Musaev and Uroš Jurišić went at it for a second time after their fight decision was read at KSW 58.

KSW 58

The welterweight combatants went back and forth in an entertaining fight which wound up going the distance. In the end, Shamil Musaev defeated Uroš Jurišić by way of unanimous decision.

Immediately after the judges scorecards were read, Musaev decided he wasn’t through with Jurišić and proceed to take him down. Obviously things only got worse from there.

Check out the insane footage below courtesy of MMA journalist Jim Edwards:

Another clip of the Musaev vs. Jurišić aftermath at KSW 58:

This is hardly the first post-fight melee to take place inside of a mixed martial arts cage. However, it is extremely rare to see two fighters go at it following the reading of the judges decision.

Some of the more infamous post-fight melees in MMA history include Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 229, and the Diaz brothers going after Jason Miller under the Strikeforce banner.

KSW has yet to issue an official statement on the post-fight antics displayed by both Shamil Musaev and Uroš Jurišić. But one can only expect the welterweights will receive disciplinary actions.

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