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Video | Fighters go at it again after the decision is read at KSW 58

Chris Taylor - January 30, 2021

Welterweight fighters Shamil Musaev and Uroš Jurišić went at it for a second time after their fight decision was read at KSW 58. The welterweight combatants went back and forth in an entertaining fight which wound up going the distance. In the end, Shamil Musaev defeated Uroš Jurišić by way of unanimous decision.

Josh Barnett, KSW

Josh Barnett to fight former KSW champ in special rules bare-knuckle fight this Friday

Tom Taylor - October 20, 2020

This Friday, former UFC heavyweight champion Josh Barnett will battle former KSW champion Marcin Rozalsk. The bout will headline the first event from Genesis, a new bare-knuckle promotion from KSW, a massively successful MMA promotion out of Poland.

Josh Barnett

Josh Barnett set to compete in bare-knuckle boxing match for KSW offshoot

Adam Martin - October 1, 2020

Former UFC heavyweight Josh Barnett will return to the ring when he takes on Marcin Rozalski in a bare-knuckle boxing match for KSW Genesis. KSW Genesis is an offshoot of Poland’s famed KSW promotion and on October 23, Barnett steps into the cage when he takes on Rozalski, the former KSW heavyweight champion. The fight will take place with modified bare-knuckle boxing rules as elbows will also be allowed. The bout will mark the bare-knuckle fighting debut for Barnett, who is one of the pioneers of the sport of mixed martial arts and the former UFC heavyweight champion.

Mamed Khalidov
Mamed Khalidov

Former KSW champ Mamed Khalidov arrested by anti-terrorism police

Tom Taylor - June 12, 2019

Former KSW middleweight and light heavyweight champion Mamed Khalidov, who retired after back-to-back losses in late 2018, has found his way back into the headlines for reasons unrelated to his fighting career. According to a report from Polish outlet TVP.info, Khalidov was recently arrested by the Anti-Terrorist Operations Office in Poland for allegedly forging documents related to the illegal importation of luxury cars. Per RT.com, the cars were apparently purchased in the Czech Republic before being illegally imported into Poland.