WATCH | John Fury flips tables during heated KSI vs. Tommy Fury press conference

By Cole Shelton - August 22, 2023

John Fury, the dad of Tyson and Tommy Fury wasn’t too happy with the way the press conference was going on Tuesday.

John Fury

Tommy Fury and KSI held their press conference to promote their Oct. 14 fight, while Logan Paul was also there as well as his opponent Dillon Danis. With that, the press conference was full of trash talk and KSI took aim at the Fury family accusing Tyson Fury of ducking Oleksandr Usyk which John Fury wasn’t happy about.

“Full of s**t. Full of s**t. Shut up motherf****r. Come fight me now instead of talking all this bulls**t about people’s f*****g bulls**t. We are fighting men. My son (Tommy) will fight him (KSI) now and then fight anyone else who wants it. Now, lets get the f*****G ball rolling. Get the cake and shove it up your asshole before I do it. All these little f******gkids. I am a machine. Me Can anyone question who I am here? I will take them,” John Fury said during the press conference.

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After being fed up with the lack of questions and answers about boxing, John Fury stood up and flipped a table over which subsequently ended the press conference.

It was a funny moment and shouldn’t come as a surprise for how John Fury is. Throughout the press conference, he wanted questions and answers about boxing and their skills, which he wasn’t getting and was getting more and more fed up.

Although John Fury wasn’t happy wth the questions, he can now turn his attention to the fight and training Tommy Fury for his matchup against KSI. Fury is coming off a split-decision win over Jake Paul and has said after he beats KSI he wants to box Logan Paul to silence all of the influencers.

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