UFC 277 Results: Amanda Nunes defeats Julianna Pena (Highlights)

By Chris Taylor - July 30, 2022

Tonight’s UFC 277 event is headlined by a women’s bantamweight title fight rematch between Amanda Nunes and Julianna Pena.


Nunes (21-5 MMA) and Pena (11-4 MMA) originally collided last December at UFC 269, where ‘The Venezuelan Vixen’ scored one of the biggest upsets in MMA history dethroning ‘The Lioness’ with a second round TKO victory.

That setback served as Amanda Nunes’ first loss since 2014 and snapped her incredible twelve-fight winning streak.

Meanwhile, Julianna Pena will enter tonight’s UFC 277 headliner sporting a two-fight winning streak. Prior to her shocking upset over Nunes last winter, Pena was coming off a third round knockout victory over Sara McMann.

Round one of the UFC 277 main event begins and Amanda Nunes quickly takes the center of the Octagon. She throws a high kick which is blocked by Julianna Pena. ‘The Lioness’ feints with a low kick. She throws a right hand over the top that misses. Pena comes forward with a flurry but nothing seems to connect. Nunes with a nice combination and then a low kick. Pena looks to return fire but eats a right hand counter from ‘The Lioness’. Nunes slips a jab and partially connects with a counter right. Another good right from Nunes and now another. Pena goes down but she is right back up. Nunes lands a jab and then a big combination. That appeared to hurt the champ. Amanda Nunes looks great in the early going here. Both ladies with a right hands now. Pena with another. Nunes doubles up on her jab. ‘The Venezuelan Vixen’ with a jab of her own. Another good right and then a left from Nunes. She lands another good combination as the horn sounds to end round one.

Round two of the UFC 277 main event begins and Julianna Pena lands a good right hand. Amanda Nunes counters with a right over the top and Pena goes down. Nunes tells her to stand up and Julianna is clearly wobbled. She attempts a high kick but it is blocked. The champ comes forward with a flurry. Nunes catches her with a right and Pena is back down on the canvas. She gets back up and eats a low kick from ‘The Lioness’.  The champ gets off a good combination. Amanda Nunes replies with a left. Another good combination gets through for Pena. This is a battle. Julianna Pena with a big straight right. She lands a follow up low kick. Amanda Nunes with a good right hand and then another. Pena crashes to the canvas from a left hand but once again pops right back up. Nunes attacks the body and then stuns her again with a right hand. Now Pena delivers a big punch. The fighters clinch against the cage and the horn sounds to end round two.

Round three of the UFC 277 headliner begins and Julianna Pena is forcing the action early. She looks to force the clinch and pushes Amanda Nunes against the cage. ‘The Lioness’ breaks free and circles out. Pena with a nice combination. She looks to clinch again but Nunes scores a trip and takes top control. Good elbows and hammer fists now from the former bantamweight champion. Julianna Pena looks for a triangle choke but it is not there. Another big elbow gets through for Nunes. ‘The Venezuelan Vixen’ goes for an arm but Amanda is easily able to escape the threat. The horn sounds to end round three.

Round four of the UFC 277 main event begins and Amanda Nunes quickly shoots for a takedown and gets it. She begins working some good ground and pound. Julianna Pena throws up a triangle. Nunes escapes. Pena transitions to an armbar and this is tight. ‘The Lioness’ scrambles and is able to break free of the hold. That was close. Big shots from Nunes now. Pena scrambles and is able to get back up to her feet. Nunes quickly goes after her and lands a combination. She continues to press and scores another big takedown. Julianna Pena is a bloody mess now. The fight is back to standing and Pena charges in with a left. Nunes responds with an uppercut and then a takedown. Some ground and pound from the former champ before the horn sounds to end round five.

The fifth and final round of the UFC 277 main event begins and the fighters trade shots. Amanda Nunes shoots in for a takedown and gets it. Julianna Pena is already looking to lock up an arm. She transitions to a triangle choke but Amanda is quickly able to escape. Nunes looks for an anaconda choke but then opts to stand back up. She instantly shoots for a takedown and begins raining down elbows after landing in side control.

Official UFC 277 Result: Amanda Nunes def. Julianna Pena by unanimous decision (50-45, 50-44, 50-43)

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