Triller’s Ryan Kavanaugh slams UFC President Dana White at Triad Combat: “He pays his fighters what we pay our ushers”

Dana White, Michael Chiesa, UFC 269
Dana White on Michael Chiesa being kicked out of UFC 269

Triller’s Ryan Kavanaugh slammed UFC President Dana White at Triad Combat, saying that “he pays his fighters what we pay our ushers.”

Kavanaugh held the Triller Triad Combat event on Saturday at Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas. During the event, he was interviewed and asked about his rival White, and it shouldn’t surprise you what he said about him. Kavanaugh had nothing but negative things to White, criticizing the UFC for both its fighter pay as well for its production setup.

“I did ask him (Dana White) if he wanted to come to learn how a proper production is done because, you know, Dana’s idea of a proper production is throw up a little rusty ring. he will pay his fighters what we pay our ushers. You know, throw one little fight, have a guy knock the guy out, call it a night. This is what a production is… and I thought he might wanna come and learn a thing or two here. But, he can keep underpaying his fighters, taking home his own money and throwing up that rusty little ring,” said Ryan Kavanaugh (via SportsKeeda).

It will be interesting to see what White says about these latest comments from Kavanaugh if he ends up seeing them. Of course, this is not the first time that Triller has come after the UFC, with Kavanaugh going after White for the UFC’s iron-clad contracts in the past.

“Indentured servitude is not allowed in the United States. Yet Georges St-Pierre, who is officially retired from the UFC and has made it very clear he will never fight in MMA again, isn’t allowed to get into a boxing ring and make probably (one) of the highest paydays that he would get to fight someone he considers to be on his bucket list because Dana White says he can’t. That’s just wrong,” Kavanaugh said in the past.

What do you think about this feud between Triller promoter Ryan Kavanaugh and UFC president Dana White?

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