Dana White slammed by Triller promoter Ryan Kavanaugh for UFC’s ironclad contracts

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UFC president Dana White was slammed by Triller promoter Ryan Kavanaugh for the UFC’s ironclad contracts that blocked a GSP boxing match.

Triller had hoped to book the UFC legend Georges St-Pierre against the boxing legend Oscar De La Hoya in the boxing ring, but White blocked the fight from happening. Even though GSP hasn’t fought for the UFC since 2017 and has made it clear he has no plans on continuing his MMA career, White still blocked him from the boxing match with De La Hoya.

Speaking to MMAFighting.com in a recent interview, Kavanaugh blasted White for the UFC’s ironclad contracts, comparing the way the UFC handles business to indentured servitude.

“Indentured servitude is not allowed in the United States. Yet Georges St-Pierre, who is officially retired from the UFC and has made it very clear he will never fight in MMA again, isn’t allowed to get into a boxing ring and make probably (one) of the highest paydays that he would get to fight someone he considers to be on his bucket list because Dana White says he can’t. That’s just wrong,” Kavanaugh said.

It is in the opinion of Kavanaugh that GSP would win a legal argument against the UFC in regards to his contract, but at this point, he’s given up hope of GSP boxing for Triller.

“I have so much respect for Georges as a fighter and as a person. I think he’s a great fighter. I think as a person, he’s just humble and what I’ve gotten to know of him, really easy to work with. Frankly, if he wanted to he could challenge his contract and I’m fairly certain he could win but it’s not something my decision to make. I believe if he wanted to fight with us and he was willing to take on the UFC and let them know he was going to attempt to have his contract deemed non-constitutional, which I believe it would be, but until then there’s nothing we can do,” Kavanaugh said.

Do you agree with Ryan Kavanaugh that Dana White had no business blocking Georges St-Pierre from a boxing match against Oscar De La Hoya?

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