Tito Ortiz pleads with parents to take off their kids’ masks

By Adam Martin - March 22, 2021

UFC Hall of Famer and Huntington Beach Mayor Pro Tem Tito Ortiz pleaded with parents to take off their kids’ masks during a recent interview.

Tito Ortiz

Ortiz has been very outspoken about COVID-19 in general ever since he took over the role of Mayor Pro Tem in his native Huntington Beach near the end of 2020. Ortiz said in December that he was anti-mask and he allegedly didn’t wear a mask at city hall, which led to complaints from employees there. A few months later and Ortiz is still nothing but critical about the masks, going so far as to tell parents not to let their kids wear them.

Speaking to Weberz Way, Ortiz went on another anti-mask rant (via Borrachinha Depot).

“If I gotta be here in Huntington and help each one of these people have the focus to not to wear a mask. Please, people. Parents, please take your kids’ masks off. You’re ruining the health of their lungs, their immune systems. The kids are not going to catch COVID, man. I’m not a doctor, but let me tell you, I’m a person who has lived through life. Take your mask off your kids,” Tito Ortiz said.

“What happened to the flu? 98% has been erased. That’s kind of strange, huh? I’ve never taken a flu shot, I won’t take this vaccine shot. I don’t get a sh*t. They gotta pin me down. I know I shouldn’t have to be vicious like that because we live in American, and we pay taxes. And I pay a lot of taxes.”

Comments and reaction so far on social media has mainly been critical towards Ortiz for his opinions of the subject of masks, but of course, he has his supporters too.

What do you think of Tito Ortiz telling parents to take the masks off of their children?

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