Tito Ortiz explains why he is anti-mask and won’t get the COVID-19 vaccine

Tito Ortiz

Former UFC light heavyweight champion-turned-politician Tito Ortiz explained why he is anti-mask and won’t get the COVID-19 vaccine.

Ortiz, the pioneer of mixed martial arts and a UFC Hall of Famer, was recently named as a Huntington Beach City Council member following the recent election. Ortiz was roasted at his first meeting at city council and has become the butt end of jokes on social media from fans and critics who do not believe he should be in a position of political power. One of the things that critics have pointed to is Ortiz’s anti-mask stance and his take on the COVID-19 vaccine, which he recently admitted he will no be taking.

According to The OC Register, Ortiz has been causing friction at city hall in Huntington Beach for his refusal to wear a mask indoors, as per city protocol. Ortiz was contacted by the newspaper about the reports of him being anti-mask at work, and “The Huntington Beach Bad Boy” replied with a text message about his anti-mask beliefs.

“Wearing masks actually drops the oxygen levels required by the U.S. government, making (the) City of HB libel (sic) for dangerously low air intake levels!” Ortiz wrote to the paper in response to “concerns” from city hall employees about not wearing a mask at work.

Ortiz’s anti-mask stance is certainly going to ruffle feathers, especially considering he is now an elected official who should be abiding by the rules, though he allegedly isn’t. Ortiz also announced recently that he will not be getting the COVID-19 vaccine when it becomes available, arguing that what he puts inside his body should be his choice.

“I ain’t taking that (coronavirus) vaccine – hell no! Everybody talks about pro-choice and choice of our bodies. Those same people are saying you gotta take a vaccine. To hell with that! Ain’t happening!” Ortiz said at a recent political rally.

As the news report notes, Ortiz is free to have his own opinion about masks and vaccines. The problem is, Ortiz is no longer just a citizen living in Huntington Beach, but a city council member, and so what he says is going to be far more scrutinized than ever before. With COVID-19 a very real part of the world these days, expect more comments from the politician Ortiz in the coming weeks about the coronavirus.

Do you agree with Tito Ortiz about his stance on masks and the COVID-19 vaccine?

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