The Korean Zombie apologizes for trash talking Brian Ortega and Alex Volkanovski

By Adam Martin - October 4, 2020

UFC featherweight contender The Korean Zombie says he regrets trash-talking Brian Ortega and Alex Volkanovski and has issued a public apology.

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The Korean Zombie has always been a quiet and cerebral fighter, but in the past year or so he has become more outspoken and getting more involved in back-and-forth trash-talking with both Ortega and Volkanovski on social media. In the case of Volkanovski, The Korean Zombie was not a fan of his recent title fights against Max Holloway and called him “shameful.” As for Ortega, The Korean Zombie’s friend Jay Park had a run-in with Ortega back at UFC 248 earlier this year that lead to The Zombie having choice words for Ortega.

Speaking to recently, The Korean Zombie says that the trash-talking is not in his nature and he wants to publicly apologize to Ortega and Volkanovski for his words.

“I am not a person who enjoys trash-talking, but I tried some of them recently because I thought my fans would like them. But the result was not good and my friend was affected, so I won’t be doing trash talking anymore. I apologize for all the trash talking I did to Ortega and the champion, so I hope Ortega won’t continue trash talking to me anymore,” The Korean Zombie said.

However, The Korean Zombie did say he is confused by what Ortega said in his recent interview with ESPN. The Korean Zombie thought that Ortega had apologized to Park for the incident, but the ESPN interview makes the Zombie wonder if he was sincere.

“Everyone makes mistakes, and I accepted his apology because he sounded sincere when he apologized. But a recent interview he had with ESPN made me confused if he was sincere for his apology. To be honest, I feel sympathy for him because it seems he still lives in the past as he mentioned ‘the rule’ where he was from,” The Korean Zombie said.

“I don’t think it is good for Ortega to keep trash talking this way. I believe he does not want me to go back to the issue deeper. The fact is that he hit a singer, not a fighter. The martial arts he trains in has fame in preventing school violence and bullying. I believe he does not want me to go into more detail about it, so I won’t.”

Do you think The Korean Zombie vs. Brian Ortega winner should get the next title shot against Alex Volkanovski?

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