Steven Peterson expects to KO Julian Erosa in violent fashion: “You shouldn’t have called me out, you should have kept your mouth shut”

By Cole Shelton - February 2, 2022

Steven Peterson has violent intentions for Julian Erosa after he was called out by his fellow featherweight.

Steven Peterson

Before Erosa’s fight against Charles Jourdain, he told he wanted to fight Peterson and after the win, he said the same thing in the post-fight interview. After hearing that, Peterson assumed that would be his next fight and now they will meet at UFC Vegas 47.

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“I figured, but it was up to him if he was going to get the win. He was calling me out before his last fight and after,” Peterson said on Just Scrap Radio on “He was in message requests and then he started commenting on my posts saying I was ducking him and I was like who the f**k is this guy. I looked and saw he was talking s**t for a long time and wants something I have or thinks he can beat me easily. That’s just not the case, I’m not the guy to be calling out. I’m not one to say no to a scrap.”

After the fight was made, Peterson looked at Erosa’s past fights in the UFC and noticed “Juicy J” gets knocked out badly when he losses. He believes this is a terrible matchup for Erosa. With that, Peterson wants him to know he shouldn’t have called him out as he expects to earn a KO win.

“Those losses that he has are bad, like some of those losses are bad and I plan on going out there and giving him a bad loss,” Peterson said. “I’m looking at some of his losses and going that is how he’s going to lose, man. You shouldn’t have called me out, you should have kept your mouth shut and laid low and kept winning fights.

“I don’t want to give away the plan, but yeah, the plan is to go out there and knock him out, it’s a fight. His losses have been bad,” Peterson continued. “Try and knock me out cause I’m going to do the same with you and it’ll be a good fight.”

Should Steven Peterson defeat Julian Erosa by KO, he wants to rematch Alex Caceres next as he dropped a controversial decision to him in 2019. He believes it makes sense and the winner would enter the top-15.

“It just makes sense to run the Caceres fight back. He’s on a winning streak, I’m on a winning streak and my last loss was to him and his first win on the win streak was against me. It makes sense to run that one back,” Peterson concluded.

Do you think Steven Peterson will KO Julian Erosa at UFC Vegas 47?