Shu-Ki Fita #44: OE.99

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OE.99 is a SINGLE model built exclusively from Air Jordan IX’s. Its construction is TOE-DOWN and LACE-to-LACE. His Primary Color is BLACK (COMMON) and his Accent Color is BLUE (COMMON).

View OE.99’s page here.


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With respect to FIGHTING, we thought it best to focus on Shu-Ki vs. Shu-Ki, as opposed to NFT vs. NFT. We wanted a way to give more than one fan the chance to own a winning fighter model (NFT), but at the same time we didn’t want to dilute things too much.

The inaugural tournament Machine Madness 2022 features 64 unique Shu-Ki fighter models, who then get new versions (i.e. colorways) with each new fight. Think of it this way: a Shu-Ki fighter model is like one type of car (say, a Tesla Model S), and its version simply refers to a different paint color. The model moves on through the tournament unchanged but for its color.

Giving more people the opportunity to get involved is what we want our community to be about, but we didn’t want to diminish the importance of owning previous versions of a winning Shu-Ki.

Our solution was the concept of a TEAM, which recognized and acknowledged the succession process.

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In this way Shu-Ki’s can be thought of a collective and evolving creation. That means showing a Shu-Ki’s previous skins/versions on its File Card Page, and presenting images of a winning Shu-Ki as a gallery of all its previous versions, acknowledging the collective road to success, as opposed to just one single image.


Shu-Ki Fita is an NFT project centered around Shoe-Machine Fighters.

Shoe-Machines, or “Shu-Ki’s” as they’re called, are 1-of-1 NFTs, digitally manufactured by a single artist, who uses Air Jordans to form Mecha robots.

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64 Shu Ki’s have entered into our galaxy via NFT blockchain technology. These robots are now set to do battle in a March Madness-style tournament MACHINE MADNESS 2022!

In the upcoming weeks we will continue introducing a new Shu-Ki every day. All 64 of these super mech NFTs will become available for you to own and collect via OpenSea marketplace at the commencement of the tournament.

So stay tuned for more fighter debuts; info about how to collect and become involved; news about physical art prizes; and terabytes more of the Shu-Ki Fita universe.

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And in the meantime check out and the gallery of physical art that holders will receive.

Welcome to Shu-Ki Fita. Are you ready to step into battle with us?

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