Shu-Ki Fita #39: JJ.65

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JJ.65 is a HYBRID model built with Air Jordan III’s, Air Jordan XIX’s, and Air Jordan XVII’s. Its construction is TOE-DOWN and SOLE-to-SOLE. His Primary Color is TURQUOISE (S TIER) and his Accent Color is RED (COMMON).

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With respect to colors we wanted to see some Shu-Ki’s share color palettes, but we also wanted to see some standout with rarer or unique colors. We tried to strike a balance by creating a limited palette of 30 ACCENT COLORS that we then sorted into 3 tiers.

With respect to accent colors, we followed the same general structure as with the primary colors, although we ended up doubling the amount of available color options.

RARE options in the PRIMARY COLOR category became the COMMON options in the accent. S TIER primary options formed the RARE tier for the accents. And 16 new colors were added for the Accent S TIER.

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We essentially accepted that black and white could be used in a limited fashion as accents for all Shu-Ki’s, in addition to the selected accent colors, however we tried to constrain that, and whenever black or white were selected as S Tier accents we endeavored to integrate them much more predominantly.

The randomized selection of a Shu-Ki’s accent color was a two-step process that began with randomly determining its tier, and then randomly selecting a color within that tier.

Shu-Ki’s had a 65% chance to draw the COMMON tier, a 25% chance to draw the RARE tier, only a 10% chance to draw the S TIER, and less than a 1% chance of being a WILDCARD.

We created the tier system in order to relay and retain the importance (or projected rarity) of some colors, in the event those colors turned out to be less rare after the selection process due to probability anomalies.

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As with the portrait composition, the artist’s use of colors was not bound by any strict rules or demarcations. Obviously the artist tried to honor the colors selected as best as possible, but in some places the lines slightly blur, and exceptions can be detected.

In some cases the line between “primary” and “accent” gets fuzzy, in others, black and/or white are used as further accents even if not selected. Again, decisions were ultimately made to serve the art without egregiously upsetting the overarching program.


Shu-Ki Fita is an NFT project centered around Shoe-Machine Fighters.

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Shoe-Machines, or “Shu-Ki’s” as they’re called, are 1-of-1 NFTs, digitally manufactured by a single artist, who uses Air Jordans to form Mecha robots.

64 Shu Ki’s have entered into our galaxy via NFT blockchain technology. These robots are now set to do battle in a March Madness-style tournament MACHINE MADNESS 2022!

In the upcoming weeks we will continue introducing a new Shu-Ki every day. All 64 of these super mech NFTs will become available for you to own and collect via OpenSea marketplace at the commencement of the tournament.

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So stay tuned for more fighter debuts; info about how to collect and become involved; news about physical art prizes; and terabytes more of the Shu-Ki Fita universe.

And in the meantime check out and the gallery of physical art that holders will receive.

Welcome to Shu-Ki Fita. Are you ready to step into battle with us?

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