Sean O’Malley says Dana White’s wife “deserves a slapping back” after hitting him first

By Cole Shelton - January 6, 2023

Sean O’Malley says he feels bad for Dana White.

Sean O'Malley, Dana White

On New Year’s Eve, White and his wife had a fight that led to them slapping each other in the middle of a club in Cabo. TMZ then obtained the video of the incident and got White’s apology before they released the article where the UFC president made it clear that he was in the wrong. O’Malley says he thinks White’s apology was sincere.

“This happened New Year’s and it came out Monday which is rare. TMZ s**t usually comes out instantly,” O’Malley said on his YouTube channel. “They got good PR behind (them). He came out with an apology which I watched. I thought he said everything he needed to say but it seemed genuine. God, it’s hard with alcohol. There’s two things, alcohol and chicks don’t mix. You know what I mean.”


Although Sean O’Malley thinks Dana White’s apology was sincere, he believes White’s wife deserved to get hit back for hitting the UFC boss first. He says everyone should be treated how they want to be treated so if Dana’s wife didn’t want to get hit, she shouldn’t have hit Dana White first.

“I feel bad for Dana. His wife slapped him. That is rude and it deserves a slapping back,” O’Malley said (when his brother said she did not deserve to get hit back). “I don’t know it’s a tricky one. It’s like, treat people how you want to be treated. I don’t think, sober, would he have done that? No. I would assume sober, no drinks, she slaps him, I don’t think his initial reaction is to slap back. When that alcohol’s flowing, I’ve never hit a girl, but I’ve been blacked out and I’ve done things that I can’t believe I’ve done. What if that was his like, f**k, he did and was like, I don’t know. I don’t think it was right. Obviously, you should not hit, especially a little girl like that. But alcohol is flowing, and she hit him first.”

What do you make of Sean O’Malley’s stance on the Dana White situation?


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