Sean Brady reveals fans threatened to “kill me and bury me in the desert” if he beat Belal Muhammad at UFC 280: “These fans, they’re scumbags”

By Cole Shelton - October 31, 2022

Sean Brady says he got some threatening messages in the lead-up to his UFC 280 fight against Belal Muhammad.

Sean Brady

Brady was heading into enemy territory as he took on Muhammad in Abu Dhabi and he admits he walked out into a hostile environment. Although Brady expected that to be the case, what he didn’t expect was death threats sent to him and his wife.

“Someone messaged her and said that if I won the fight against Belal that they would kill me and bury me in the desert, it was pretty bad. She was right there front row sitting with (Joe Pyfer),” Brady said on The MMA Hour. “She busted through the security and got to me when I was walking out of the (Octagon). But, she was right there with me, (and) she got messages.”

In the end, Sean Brady lost by second-round TKO to Belal Muhammad which was his first career loss.

Even though the loss sucked, Brady admits he was angrier at the fans that messaged his wife and threatened her.

“Dude, these fans, they’re scumbags,” Brady said. “Don’t get me wrong, there’s great fans, then there are these people with fake profiles that write to you afterward. I just read this message (earlier this week) that was like, you’re a piece of s**t – they just say the most wild things to you. I don’t let it get to me, I try not to lean into that s*** anymore. But my wife, she’s a registered nurse. All she does is take care of people, and people are threatening her, calling her this, calling her that. Message me. Don’t message my wife, especially if you’re a man. Be a man. Say it to me, don’t say it to my f****** wife, because my wife could probably beat you up.”

What do you make of Sean Brady revealing he got death threats before his UFC 280 scrap against Belal Muhammad?

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