Phil Baroni could face 50 to 75 years in prison for using “pro fighter skills” to inflict injuries

By Harry Kettle - January 12, 2023

Former UFC fighter Phil Baroni could face between 50 and 75 years in prison for allegedly murdering his girlfriend in Mexico.

Phil Baroni, Chuck Liddell

In recent weeks, the MMA community has been coming to terms with the news that Phil Baroni was arrested on suspicion of murdering his girlfriend. The 46-year-old, who last competed in 2019, was arrested for homicide.

Many reports have since been released regarding the next step for Baroni. From the start, given his version of events, it was always expected that he was at risk of being prosecuted.

When the police arrived on the scene, the officers saw the woman lying naked on a bed covered with a bed sheet. However, there were marks of beatings and bruises on her face and she was pronounced dead on the scene.

Now, ESPN’s Carlos Contreras Legaspi has provided an update on the matter.

“State of Nayarit’s General Prosecutor tells me that the “aggravated femicide” sentence can go from 50 to 75 years because it’s evident that he used his “pro fighter skills” to cause injury on the victim. At least 37.”

“The Public Ministry office has ruled out Phil Baroni’s version of the single shove on the bathtub, because the victim shows signs of violence all over her body: “From head to toes”. Evidence has been delivered to the judge.”

Baroni controversy

“Phil has now a private attorney, if he declares guilty, the process can start now and his sentence can be reduced by 25 percent. He has the right to be extradited to the US but is something that the State of Nayarit authority will oppose due to the circumstances of the crime.”

“The sister of the victim testified that she showed bruises and hematomas on her arms and other body parts in the past. When her family recommended her go to the authorities she told them she was afraid of a violent reaction. Neighbors also testified on his “violent temper”.

“Phil will remain imprisoned at the Venustiano Carranza State Jail (CERESO) but could be moved to El Rincon Federal Prison (CEFERESO) if they considered it necessary.”


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