Paddy Pimblett says Jake Paul’s MMA fighter pay initiative is a publicity stunt: “He’s trying to act like a martyr”

Paddy Pimblett, UFC Vegas 36
Paddy Pimblett wins POTN bonus

UFC lightweight Paddy Pimblett doesn’t believe Jake Paul’s attempt to increase fighter pay amongst UFC fighters is legitimate.

If there’s a newcomer in the UFC that’s doing a good job of making some noise right now, it’s Paddy Pimblett. The former Cage Warriors star burst onto the UFC scene last September with a vicious knockout win over Luigi Vendramini, and now, he’s ready to get back into the Octagon for a second time on March 19 when he fights Kazula Vargas at UFC London.

Meanwhile, on the other side of things, Jake Paul continues to make his presence known in the world of MMA by constantly calling Dana White out and campaigning for better pay for UFC fighters.

Pimblett, however, doesn’t think his heart is in the right place in this endeavour.

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“I’ll be honest that’s the thing that’s pissing me off about it lad, he’s trying to act like a martyr, like he’s helping MMA fighters – he’s not, lad. He’s just doing that for his own publicity. People are like ‘he’s actually being good for MMA fighters’, he’s not. He just wants to make a show of Dana White and that’s the perfect way of doing it. It’s all about that. The way he’s saying ‘I’m gonna end up getting in the cage’, you’re not, lad. You’re not. Stop lying. If you wanna have an MMA fight, I’ll fight you in me ma’s garden tomorrow. Know what I mean?”

Whether he’s truly passionate about it or not, there’s no way of denying the impact Paul is having across the combat sports sphere.

Do you agree with Paddy Pimblett regarding Jake Paul’s intentions? Is there a chance we’ll ever see either Paul brother compete in mixed martial arts? Let us know your thoughts on this strange rivalry down in the comments, BJPENN Nation!

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