Paddy Pimblett claims he submitted Jared Gordon “twice in five minutes” in 2018

By Lewis Simpson - December 8, 2022

Ahead of his co-main event showing at UFC 282 with Jared Gordon, Paddy Pimblett claims he submitted Gordon “twice in five minutes” when the pair rolled together in 2018.

Paddy Pimblett

Although taking nothing away from an event that happened in 2018 at the Blue Basement in the Renzo Gracie Academy, Pimblett is confident he can handle Gordon on the feet and if the fight hits the canvas.

While sitting down with Michael Bisping for BT Sports, Pimblett revealed some more information on what unfolded when both men shared the mat.

Paddy Pimblett engages in mind game battle with Jared Gordon ahead of UFC 282

“I rolled with Jared Gordon, you know, at the Blue Basement in 2018,” Pimblett stated.

Usually, what goes down inside the gym’s walls stays there, but Pimblett began engaging in the verbal warfare battle, continuing to add how easy it was to submit Gordon.

“I rolled with him and submitted him twice in five minutes. Guillotine and a triangle. I don’t think he can remember that.” he added.

Pimblett revealed he plans to remind Gordon at the UFC 282 press conference what went down when they rolled together.

The Liverpudlian is not short of confidence as it is, but having submitted Gordon twice while being “fat and out of shape” and suffering from a broken hand, has him beaming with confidence leading into UFC 282.

As fans have witnessed many times before, what happens in the training room, isn’t an accurate representation of what unfolds under the bright lights. If there is truth to what Pimblett revealed, then the self-doubt could begin to creep up on Gordon.

Pimblett reveals training room secrets with Gordon

Pimblett has promised to deliver the most complete performance of his UFC career yet. It’s hard to argue with the 26-year-old after he’s comfortably dispatched of all three of his opponents so far.


The rising lightweight believes he’s one of the four big draws in MMA at the minute, and the boss, Dana White, agrees, giving the numbers Pimblett pulls on social media.

Having attained a credible career on Cage Warriors for several years and built a loyal fanbase in the UK, Pimblett feels Saturday night at UFC 282 will be the real coming out party to the American audience.


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