Nate Diaz says Mike Tyson should have handed out BMF title, not The Rock

By Natasha Hooper - November 3, 2019

To honor the new and unprecedented ‘BMF’ fight at UFC 244, megastar Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson was there to fill in for Dana White and hand over the belt. However, the main event contender, Nate Diaz, was less than impressed with the decision and threatened to ‘whoop the a**’ of the Hollywood and WWE celebrity.

Nate Diaz

The ‘BMF’ bout between Jorge Masvidal and Nate Diaz ended anti-climatically as the doctor stopped the contest in the third round due to cuts above the right eye of Nate Diaz. By this point Masvidal had maintained a dominant position and ultimately claimed the TKO win.

Both fighters were disappointed by the early finish, especially Nate Diaz. ‘The Stockton slugger’ is famously known for his endurance and didn’t feel he had the opportunity to showcase his potential. During the post-press conference, he also laid into ‘The Rock’.

“He’s on that side, f*ck him,” Diaz said, insinuating that Johnson was biased towards Masvidal. (transcript via RT)

“I’m on the West Coast side. Mike Tyson should have been here anyway. He’s the baddest man on the planet, right? He should have been the one over here (handing over the belt).

“I’m over here hurting on The Rock, huh? You guys caught me under a bad time.

“The Rock’s cool, I like Ballers but he picked the wrong side, so he can get it too, he can get his a** whooped too, straight up.”

The ‘West Coast gangster’ highlighted that ‘The Rock’ is from the same side of town as his opponent. He smiled nonchalantly as he said “F*ck you” aimed at the megastar.

Whilst Diaz might not approve of the newly appointed ‘BMF’ belt giver, the welterweight fighter has bigger fish to fry including a potential rematch against Masvidal or a trilogy fight against Conor McGregor.

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