Mike Perry offers fans the opportunity to be in his corner against Robbie Lawler

By Adam Martin - October 4, 2020

UFC welterweight Mike Perry is offering the chance to be in his corner for his next fight against Robbie Lawler to the highest bidder.

Mike Perry

Perry takes on Lawler in what is expected to be a fan-friendly brawl at UFC 255 later in November. In Perry’s last fight against Mickey Gall, a unanimous decision victory for Perry, he only had one corner person when his girlfriend Latory Gonzalez cornered him in a win. Perry was both praised and criticized for the decision to not have an MMA coach or even a fighter in his corner but instead just his girlfriend. However, he did win the fight against Gall.

Well, it appears that Perry is willing to add another person to his corner, but only at the right price. Taking to Twitter on Sunday night, Perry said that he is opening the bidding to the highest bidder. Whoever pays Perry the most money will be in his corner for his next fight, according to “Platinum.” Here’s what the welterweight contender told his fans.

Whoever gives me the most money can be in my corner with @latory_g ,…

Perry never fails to entertain the fans and this is just another example of it. Maybe Perry is serious or maybe he is just joking. But he always entertains the fans with his unique ideas. Many thought it was crazy to just have his girlfriend in his corner but then Perry went out and had one of the best performances in the UFC against Gall. We will see if Perry is serious about actually putting a random person in his corner when it gets closer to November, but for now, the bidding to be his cornerman is open to the highest bidder.

Do you think Mike Perry is serious about putting a random person in his corner?

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