Mike Perry says all his girlfriend has to do in his corner is “sit there and enjoy the show”

By Cole Shelton - June 25, 2020

When Mike Perry fights Mickey Gall in the co-main event of Saturday’s UFC on ESPN 12 card, he will do so with his girlfriend as the only person in his corner.

Mike Perry

Perry has ditched training at a gym and with coaches and instead will have his new girlfriend in his corner. For the fan-favorite welterweight, he says his girlfriend is enjoying fight week and getting to be the lone cornerman.

“She’s good bro, she’s chilling like she always is. She’s one of a kind, so you can’t really, there is nothing to see quite yet. The weight cut is something to see, she’s seeing the weight come off me,” Mike Perry said on virtual media day. “She’s going to see me step on that scale a few pounds lighter by tomorrow and she’s going to see a difference there. As we get closer, I see a little more sparkle in her eyes like I am doing something impressive and that gives me more fire. On Saturday, I’m going to fight for her, in front of her and not let anybody take nothing from me. It’s going to be a great show, bro, what can I say.”

Yet, “Platinum” makes it clear, he isn’t expecting any technical advice from his corner. Instead, all he wants is for his girlfriend is to sit back and enjoy the fight.

“Sit there and enjoy the show. If it gets to the second round, no. Life is fighting advice. We are fighting out here every day with his COVID sh*t. Trying to deal with who is rich and who is poor. Who is black and who is white, we just keep fighting,” Perry said. “All the scientific and the explanations written down on paper on how you should be and how fighting with this person and what you should do.

“I think I’m the one with the experience and I know how this sh*t goes. I just want to feel good. She’s going to be there and make me feel good and make me look good,” he concluded. “If it even goes to the second round, it will be because I want her to have time to talk to me in the corner. I want her to give me a kiss and tell me to go get him.”

How having his girlfriend as his lone corner figure will impact Mike Perry is to be seen. But, ‘Platinum’ is confident in his skill set that he will be able to knock out Mickey Gall.

What do you make of Mike Perry having his girlfriend as his lone corner?

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