Antonio Carlos Junior takes a shot at Paulo Costa, asks where the vaseline was when Israel Adesanya humped him

By Adam Martin - October 4, 2020

UFC middleweight contender Antonio Carlos Junior took a shot at Paulo Costa, asking where the vaseline was when Israel Adesanya humped him.

Antonio Carlos Junior, Antonio Carlos Jr

After talking tons of trash on social media and in interviews, Costa lost by second-round TKO to Adesanya at UFC 253 in what was a one-sided fight. But what everyone was talking about after the fight was Adesanya’s post-victory celebration where he humped Costa from behind and then told his cornerman Eric Albarracin he wanted to ejaculate on him.

Speaking to AG Fight following UFC 253, Junior took a shot at his fellow Brazilian Costa, poking fun at him for the humping incident that had everyone buzzing after the event.

“He was ashamed, right? I hope he heals soon, that he hasn’t been hurt. In the last fight, I lost he said a lot of outrage, but unlike him, I hope he will recover because we have things to solve. He is a guy who talked a lot and did nothing at the time, did not hit a blow to Adesanya, and even asked for an immediate rematch. He should bow his head, realize that he is no better than anyone. He arrived now and already wanted to sit at the window,” said Junior.

“I wanted to know where he bought this black belt. I don’t know if it was Wallid (Ismail) who gave it to him, it must have been. As a black belt, he showed nothing and even took a sarrada (humping) at the end. It was supposed to have vaseline on my ass and not on my face.”

It’s definitely a low blow from Junior, but it’s done in the hopes of setting up a future fight between the two Brazilians. Right now Junior is out the rest of 2020 with injuries but he said he hopes to return to the Octagon in 2021. Junior was recently bounced from the top-15 rankings, but he hopes to break back into them and get a big fight next year.

“I’m sure he won’t want to fight me now, because I’m not a good fight for him and I also come from a defeat, I’m not in a moment to ask for a fight. Just like him. Although I think I won that last fight. I would love to fight with him, but I know I would not accept it because he is at the top of the ranking too. But I want to fight him because he said a lot of bullsh*t and it became personal,” Junior said.

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