Mike Jackson opens up on CM Punk fight being overturned to a No Contest due to a failed drug test for marijuana: “It was comical”

By Cole Shelton - April 22, 2022

Mike Jackson has opened up on his fight against CM Punk being overturned to a No Contest.

CM Punk, Mike Jackson

Jackson earned a decision win over Punk at UFC 225 in Chicago, but about two months after the fight, he got a letter from the Chicago commission saying he failed his drug test. The news surprised him as he did everything Jeff Novitsky and the UFC told him to, but the only thing that happened was the fight got overturned.

He says he was not suspended or fined, and it was kept under the wraps for three years until last summer it was revealed the fight was overturned which all Jackson can do is laugh at.

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“I knew the whole time, it was comical… About a month before the fight, Jeff Novitsky sends out an e-mail and says ‘hey guys, this is not a regular e-mail, since we are fighting in Illinois they have a zero-tolerance policy. So, if you do smoke weed you need to stop now.’ I was like ‘damn’ because this is like a month out,” Jackson said on Just Scrap Radio on BJPENN.com. “Like alright, whatever, I stopped smoking for a month, take the fight, fast forward like two months after the fight, I got a letter and it said I failed my drug test and they are turning it to a No Contest.

“I called them, I was like ‘yo, what do you mean I failed a drug test?’ The lady then said the levels of marijuana were so minuscule. It was around the same time as the Jon Jones picograms stuff so I was wearing that shirt for a bit,” Jackson continued. “I got popped for a picogram of THC, it was stupid. That happened shortly after the fight, fast forward three years the news came out… Basically, a hater messaged the journalist and said ‘did you know Mike Jackson failed for weed?’ and then all the big outlets ran with it and they all reached out. There are haters everywhere. It was more so a minor inconvenience, I don’t care. They didn’t fine me, the only downside to this is I’m going to get the same pay that I did for the Punk fight, so I lose my level up cheque.”

Although he doesn’t have the win on his record, Mike Jackson says he doesn’t care. Instead, the focus is on beating Dean Barry on Saturday night at UFC Vegas 52.

What do you make of Mike Jackson’s win over CM Punk now being a No Contest?

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