Michael Bisping comes to bat for Dana White amidst Power Slap criticism: “Dana never invented that. It was already a thing”

By Susan Cox - March 14, 2023

Michael Bisping is coming to bat for Dana White amidst the Power Slap criticism.

Michael Bisping

Former UFC middleweight champion, Bisping, provided color commentary during Power Slap’s first season finale.

Speaking on his ‘Believe You Me’ podcast, Michael Bisping and Anthony Smith discussed the recent finale:

“What we gotta remember is Dana never invented this sport – I do struggle to call it a sport – but this competition. Dana White never invented that. It was already a thing, it’s all over the world. It’s in Russia, it’s in the UK, it’s in China. It’s all over the United States of America. He’s a businessman, he saw an opportunity. Give it a bit more glitz and glamor. And I’m telling you, the event was f**king amazing. It was, it was so entertaining.”

Dana White, Power Slap

Dana White – Power Slap

‘The Count’ spent a lot of time interacting with the Power Slap competitors and shared some of their stories:

“Some of the people, I think most of them their pay was either $15,000 to show, $15,000 to win. That’s $30,000 to win. Doesn’t sound like a lot of money to some people, but it is a lot of money. Certainly the type of people that we’re speaking about…They’re working two, three jobs. This one guy has a child that has a condition, less than a thousand kids in the world. And he’s gonna die, pretty soon…He was fighting back the tears, and I was so emotional talking to him. And he’s like ‘This, if there’s a couple more events this year as well and I get to do them, this allows me to not be working and spend time with my son.’ For all (you) f**king critics out there, everyone is trying to just get ahead and scratch and claw. And if you’re in a position of wealth or financial security and you have the ability to look down on people like that, well then good for f**king you. But a lot of people aren’t. And if they’re gonna do this at Power Slap, if they’re not gonna do this at Power Slap they’re gonna do it somewhere else where there’s no regulation, there’s no athletic commission, there’s no medical screening, there’s nothing like that…They are so grateful for these opportunities, and I think people need to remember that.”

Quotes via: MMANews

Like the competition or not, UFC President, Dana White, has already announced plans for Power Slap Season 2 which will take place on ‘Fight Island‘ in Abu Dhabi.

What is known for sure is it will no longer be broadcast on TBS, who terminated the show following it’s 1st season.

What are your thoughts on Power Slap? Do you agree with Michael Bispings’ comments?

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