Marlon Vera claims Henry Cejudo is “broke” which is why he is returning at UFC 288: “What’s the point to come back when you retire on top?”

By Cole Shelton - March 22, 2023

Marlon Vera has a theory as to why Henry Cejudo is returning to the UFC.

Marlon Vera, Henry Cejudo

In the main event of UFC 288, Cejudo is ending his three-year-long hiatus after he announced his retirement in May 2020. Cejudo is set to take on Aljamain Sterling for the bantamweight title but many are wondering why ‘Triple C’ is returning after retiring on top.

Although Cejudo says he just wants to fight and further cement his legacy, Vera claims Cejudo is coming back because he’s broke.

“He’s broke. What’s the point to come back when you retire on top? You come back because either you need attention and you miss that or you need money,” Vera said at UFC San Antonio media day. “He is a little guy, they need attention.”

Even though Henry Cejudo is getting an immediate title shot, Marlon Vera isn’t letting that faze him. Instead, he says he’s just focusing on making money and stacking wins as he knows the title shot will eventually come.

“The way that the rankings are done, it’s really hard to predict things. You’ve got O’Malley at No. 1 after he beat Yan. Now you’ve got Merab at No. 1 after he beat him. Yan wasn’t at No. 1 after his last fight, but you beat the guy then you go to No. 1? So it really doesn’t f*****g matter. You can be No. 10 and fight for the title. It’s whatever the f**k UFC wants to do at this point. So, I’m okay with that because I’m putting in work. I’m winning they want winners and the fans are cheering for me. There is a reason why it’s in front of an arena, there’s a reason I’m fighting three main events in a row. I’ll just keep making money and eventually, the belt will come to me.”

Vera is set to headline UFC San Antonio on Saturday against Cory Sandhagen.

What do you make of Marlon Vera suggesting Henry Cejudo is only coming back because he’s broke?