Henry Cejudo claims Aljamain Sterling is “afraid of him,” expects the champ to pull out and be replaced by Sean O’Malley

By Cole Shelton - February 21, 2023

Henry Cejudo isn’t sold that his UFC 288 title fight against Aljamain Sterling on May 6 will happen.

Henry Cejudo, Aljamain Sterling

Cejudo and Sterling have been linked to a fight since UFC 284 in February and at one point were slated to compete in April at UFC 287. Most recently, ‘Funkmaster’ announced that the fight was officially set for May 6, however Cejudo wonders if Sterling will actually make the walk to the Octagon as he believes the bantamweight champ is afraid of him.

“At this point, I really don’t trust Aljizzslame Sterling. Why don’t I trust him? Because he’s afraid of the ‘Triple C’ it’s pretty simple,” Cejudo said on his YouTube channel. “There is a reason why the UFC is putting this fight together. I do believe that they believe that maybe Sean O’Malley would have a better shot with ‘Triple C’ than he would against Aljamain. Clash of styles, I don’t mind it. But what they are trying to do is, ‘Triple C’ comes over here and take out the trash.”

With Cejudo believing Sterling is afraid of him, the former flyweight and bantamweight champ expects the ‘Funkmaster’ to pull out. If Sterling does withdraw, Henry Cejudo expects Sean O’Malley to step up, and the two will either fight for an interim title or a vacant belt.

“Is Aljamain Sterling, is he ready? Does he really want that smoke? Because quite frankly guys, I really don’t think Aljamain Sterling wants that smoke,” Cejudo continued. “So, at the same time, the only thing I could say to Sean O’Malley, stay ready, stay prepared. Obviously, I’m going to be training for Aljamain Sterling, as soon as the fight gets announced, as soon as it’s not just verbally said, but there’s a signature on there and the fight is sealed, and everything is good. But at the same time, there is that precaution that Aljamain may not show up. Typically, I don’t do things like that. But I will adjust just in case that Aljamain Sterling pulls out of this fight.”

If Cejudo vs. Sterling stays together, it is a fight many fans are excited for. The winner will also likely face O’Malley next, but Cejudo still doubts Sterling actually makes it to the Octagon.

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