Luke Rockhold confronts Full Send reporter over Marlon Vera interview: ‘Do your f*cking homework”

By Josh Evanoff - August 17, 2022

UFC middleweight Luke Rockhold has come to the defense of his friend Marlon Vera.

Luke Rockhold

Last Saturday night at UFC San Diego, ‘Chito’ scored the biggest win of his career. In the fourth round of the main event, Vera scored a massive knockout over Dominick Cruz. The bout was only the second time the former UFC champion was stopped by strikes.

Prior to that victory, the UFC bantamweight contender had an interview with the controversial Full Send outlet. The team, also known as the Nelk Boys, has a controversial relationship with the UFC. While they’re friends with Dana White, they’ve also publicly bashed fighters like Henry Cejudo.

In the interview, Marlon Vera was given a Mexican luchador mask. The Ecuadorian, alongside the interviewer, conducted the interview in the mask. Now, Vera’s friend, Luke Rockhold has torn into the Full Send MMA reporter.

At UFC 278 media day earlier today, the former UFC middleweight champion blasted the interviewer. Rockhold stated that the reporter had to do his research, and it was tone deaf to give him a luchador mask given that Vera isn’t Mexican, he’s Ecuadorian.

Marlon Vera

Image via @chitoveraUFC on Twitter (photographer/original image source not listed)

“I see all you guys around here right now, and I see this motherf*cker right here. You need to do your f*cking homework. This f*cking degenerate culture of Barstool Sports and Full Send, you gotta do your homework. You can’t approach ‘Chito’ and give him a f*cking Mexican mask and tell him it’s his culture. His culture? He’s f*cking Ecuadorian motherf*cker. Do your homework.”

Luke Rockhold continued, “You gave him a Mexican mask and said ‘This is your culture’, something along those lines. It was a disrespect to him, and where he’s from. Being a reporter is about doing your homework and really understanding. I know that you guys got carte blanche because Dana is f*cking partnered with you guys right now, but f*cking do your f*cking homework.”

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