Laura Sanko believes Paddy Pimblett’s post-fight antics at UFC 282 did him bit of a disservice

By Harry Kettle - December 22, 2022

MMA analyst and commentator Laura Sanko has questioned the actions of Paddy Pimblett after his UFC 282 victory.

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Back at UFC 282 earlier this month, Paddy Pimblet defeated Jared Gordon via unanimous decision. ‘The Baddy’ edged it out on all three judges’ scorecards. However, many felt as if Gordon had done enough to get the job done.

What made it worse was the aftermath. Pimblett was incredibly confident in the win and believed he’d eased to a decision triumph.

That, of course, it’s a particularly popular opinion.

During a recent interview, Sanko made it known that she wasn’t too impressed by how Paddy conducted himself.

“I think he did himself a little bit of a disservice. Not in how he fought, and he can’t control what the judges do or don’t do,” she said. “But he’s got a character and I shouldn’t say he’s not playing a character because it really is. I think, who he is, but, you know, you lean into certain aspects of your personality and Paddy’s done such a good job of being rash, and confident, and Conor-ish. But at the same time, also having this really great component of mental health and wanting to help people and giving back to the community and to have those things at the same time, I think, is a winning formula.”

Pimblett’s troubles

“When you have that moment where I feel like a lot of the audience wanted him to say, ‘Man, that was a close fight. I don’t know if I won that fight or not. I’m glad I got it on the judge’s scorecards love to go back and watch it, Jared’s great.’ I think his reaction to it did him a little bit of a disservice,” Sanko said. “But in terms of what I think will happen to his trajectory next year, that’s really going to depend on what he does in the gym. Because now that he’s beaten Jared Gordon, he’s gonna get tougher and tougher opponents supposedly. He’s got to go back, work on some of the things that Jared was able to exploit in that fight.”

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