Josh Thomson believes “lack of vision” is preventing MMA from becoming equal to soccer

By Harry Kettle - December 22, 2022

Bellator commentator Josh Thomson has explained why he believes a lack of vision is preventing mixed martial arts from catching soccer.

Josh Thomson

Over the course of the last few weeks, the sporting landscape has been dominated by the FIFA World Cup. Thirty-two nations from around the globe came together for the ultimate spectacle. In the eyes of many, it was the spectacle of football – but for the sake of all North Americans out there, let’s go with soccer.

It’s the biggest sport on the planet and that much is hard to argue with. In equal measure, though, some folks aren’t big fans.

Josh Thomson is someone who has always been a big backer of MMA. Understandably so, too, given his past career as a fighter.

In a recent tweet, Thomson suggested there’s a world in which the sport could catch up to ‘soccer’.

“It’s a sport that people think is big now but if done right can truly overtake or become equal to soccer. The lack of vision, denial to allow the best to fight the best is what will always keep this sport paying the least and under promoter control.”

Thomson sees the future

It’s ambitious, to say the least, for Thomson to believe MMA can reach such a level as soccer. On an international level, it’ll take a while for it to even come close.

Fighter pay is a primary issue in this regard but according to Thomson, some healthy competition – and genuine alternatives to the UFC – is what will go a long way to helping the sport grow even further.

What do you think about Josh Thomson‘s thoughts on the growth of mixed martial arts? Do you believe there’s a chance MMA could get as big as soccer? Let us know what you think in the comments, BJPENN Nation!

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